Bunsgoil Chondobhrait/Condorrat Primary School

An Sgoil/The school
Condorrat Primary School is a bilingual, non-denominational, co-educational primary school teaching pupils from Nursery to Primary 7 through the medium of Gaelic and English. The school is situated in what was originally the village of Condorrat, but is now part of the new town of Cumbernauld. There are 2 streams in the school. In one stream the pupils follow their curriculum through the medium of English and in the other they follow the same curriculum totally through Gaelic until the end of Primary three when they begin studying English also. The aim is for the pupils to be equally competent in both Gaelic and English by the end of Primary seven.


Na Clasaichean/Classes

The classes are designed along a central project hall and are arranged in two wings – infant and junior/senior. Gaelic and English classes are interspersed throughout the wings. The wings form an L shaped building and at their join is a large dining/assembly hall. The nursery/infant department is housed in one wing of the school and accommodates six classrooms. Like the infant wing the remaining eight classes are connected to the activity areas with large double doors which can be opened and have sliding partitions for adjoining classrooms. This allows a flexible staffing arrangement for collaborative work and team teaching if necessary.


Clubaichean na Sgoile/After School Clubs

The school offers an extensive range of after school clubs eg Accordian, Football, I.C.T, Art and Craft There is a school netball team, football team, brass tuition, folk group and bilingual school choir who attend various functions throughout the year. Ceangalaichean le pàranatan/Links with parents The school likes to establish a close bond with all parents and pupils. In May/June of each year the new Primary One intake is invited into the school for induction afternoons in order for the children to meet their new classmates/teacher and familiarise themselves with the school. During the visit the Headteacher and Depute Head Teachers meet informally with parents to discuss how the school works and help prepare the parents for their child going into Primary one. Once the children have entered Primary One a “Meet the Teacher Evening” in September gives parents the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and see how their class works.


A’ dol dhan àrd-sgoil/Moving to High school 

Pupils normally transfer from Primary to Secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary Education. Pupils form Condorrat normally transfer to Greenfaulds High School who have a Gaelic department in which Gaelic medium pupils pupils can continue their studies through the medium of Gaelic.


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