Holy Cross Boys PS

The pupils of Holy Cross Boys' play a positive part in contributing to the school community through the promotion of active participation in school life and the opportunity to decision-make. We have high expectations for all our pupils. We expect excellent attendance and punctuality and all pupils to do their best in their school work and their extra curricular opportunities in sport, music, art and drama in which they have gained great success over the years.

Importance is placed on school uniform, mutual respect, trust and that the pupils endeavour to nurture talent and fulfil potential to ensure a real sense of community within a positive learning environment inclusive of four languages- Irish, Spanish, French and Latin.

We are an award winning school and have gained accolades including N.Ireland E.T Excellence Award, the TES/Ramesys Learning Environment Award (First in the UK), runner up in the BECTA Digital Video Awards, NAACE Award and The Third Millennium Award.

The school has two state of the art computer suites, almost 200 Ipads, Apple TVs and Smartboards in every classroom to enhance iPad use as well as Successmaker technology, video conferencing and classroom performance system technologies.


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